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Selling Through Stock Agencies

Stock Photography

If you have a talent for it and work at it hard enough you can make money selling your photography through the online stock agencies. Some people will voice disappointment while others say they make a little money. Those that claim to make a good second income from selling royalty free images often state that they work consistently a few hours a day uploading many images.


Although each stock agency have their own registration system, you will first have to submit and have your images accepted by most of the agencies before you can sell, this can be a few images or more. You may also have to pass a test to show that you have an understanding of what’s required such as when a model or property release would be needed. You would save time and frustration to read the FAQ,s before you submit for the first time so that you have a clear understanding of what is expected. If you have a good basic knowledge of digital photography most stock agencies are not too hard to get into.  

What they are looking for?

Be prepared for many of your images to be rejected. don’t despair as if you use a few agencies you may find that what is not accepted by one will be accepted by another. If you are continually rejected then maybe you should consider why.

The more your style of photography is towards the artistic the less likely the micro stock agencies will be interested in your work. As far as what you photograph all is fine, the most original the better though. As an example the market for images of Flowers is probably saturated and all though you may have photographs accepted they then would have much competition in selling. The agencies have listings of what they are looking for and often publish what is selling best or what has been searched for most. Landscapes and Food seem to sell well, concepts are always asked for.

Getting Paid A good image can be an investment and earn well over time!

What you actually get paid varies  with each stock agency, as does when you get paid, some pay as you earn others will require you to reach up to 100 credits before they pay you.

Stock Agencies

One to Try


Your images are not judged by most photos so you can upload what you think will sell, thats why we have picked them as one to try first. There is a system were you can be given ‘likes’ by your fellow photographers which will climb your photos on the most popular list getting you noticed.

Mostphotos give you 50% of the sale of your images, this can be as little as 1.25  C